Flagler Beach to Marineland Trail – Flagler Beach, Beverly Beach, Painters Hill, Marineland – Flagler County, Florida

Before You Go:

Except for a couple of miles of wooded area in the northern section of this trail, there is virtually no shade along the trail.  If not riding in the early morning or early evening, sunscreen and sunglasses are definitely recommended.  There are not a lot of opportunities for fresh water along the trail so carry some along to stay hydrated.

Getting There:

Getting there is fairly simple.  Take either Interstate 95 North or South and proceed to Exit 284 which is Highway 100 (East Moody Boulevard).  Head east to the waterfront.  There is free parking at the Flagler Beach Pier.  I didn’t see any signs limiting the duration of parking but things do change so be aware of any posted signs regarding parking or metering.

Trail Length

38.2 Miles – From the Flagler Beach Pier, south to the Flagler County Line, north through Flagler Beach, Beverly Beach and Painters Hill to the southern outskirts of Marineland.  Heading back south from Marineland and arriving back at the point of origin at the Flagler Beach Pier.

The Trail

For much of the trail’s length, the Atlantic Ocean is to your east.  Unlike the Pinellas County coast (where I live), the Flagler County coastline is not lined, wall to wall, with high-rise hotels, condominiums and timeshares.  The coast has long stretches of undeveloped coastline.

This trail is much longer than the normal trail (or trail sections) that I recap.  It is a flat course and the trailbed is in relatively good shape.  There can be congestion around more populated areas such as Flagler Beach.  Exercise caution as it seemed most people walking on the trail were oblivious to bikes sharing their space.


  • There are facilities at the Flagler Pier.
  • There are facilities at the welcome center for Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Center (across from the main entrance).
  • There are facilities at Varn Park (where the trail crosses over to the east side of Ocean Shore Boulevard).
  • There are facilities where the trail currently ends at the Marineland City Limit.

The Cons:

  • Very little shade.
  • The constant traffic along 1A (North Ocean Shore Boulevard).
  • Some riders may find the coastal area monotonous.

The Pros:

  • The trailbed is in excellent shape.
  • The Flagler Beach Pier.
  • Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area.
  • Marineland.
  • The Atlantic Ocean.


Flagler Beach, Florida

Marineland, Florida

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area

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Happy Trails ~ John