Nature Coast State Trail - Suwannee River Bridge Clear Shot

Nature Coast State Trail – Fanning Springs to Cross City (Loop) – Fanning Springs, Old Town, Cross City – Gilchrist & Dixie County, Florida

Before You Go:

Along the eastern portion of this ride, there is a fair amount of shade.  The western portion, however, has very little shade.  Your riding arsenal should include sunglasses, a good pair of cushioned gloves, sunscreen and, if you are going to spend time exploring around the Suwannee River Bridge, some insect repellant.

Getting There:

This is the last in a three part review of the Nature Coast Trail.  This final installment will start at the Fanning Springs Trailhead.  Travel either north of south on U.S. Highway 19. Head north on Florida Street. The trail head is on the east side of Florida Street.

Trail Length

28.6 Miles – From the Fanning Springs Trailhead out to the western terminus in Cross City and back.

The Trail

For more information on the trail itself or the communities of Fanning Springs, Old Town and Cross City, check out the links and gallery pictures below.

If you missed the first post, click here for a link to Part I.

If you missed the second post, click here for a link to Part II.

As you did in the last section, you will head north out of the Fanning Springs Trailhead.  Keep a lookout for the direction signs that will guide you toward the Suwannee River Bridge, Old Town and Cross City.  Once you are heading due west, you keep on this heading, for the most part, all the way to the western terminus west of Cross City.  This section of the trail was my least favorite but contains one of the most scenic sections along the entire trail.  The Suwannee River Bridge and the views of the Suwannee River are not to be missed.  I must say, the section once you leave the tree lined portions of the trail are a bit monotonous.  There are also a lot of road crossings and quite a bit of traffic once you reach Cross City.  Additionally, there is the ever present traffic along U.S. Highway 19 that parallels the trail for most of the western half of the trail.

It’s a long dusty ride out to Cross City and back.  I would recommend a decent ride from Fanning Springs, out to Trenton, the west to the Suwannee River Bridge and then back to the Fanning Springs Trailhead.


  • There are facilities at the Fanning Springs Trailhead.
  • There are facilities at the Cross City Trailhead.

The Cons:

  • The straight trail may be monotonous to some.
  • The numerous road crossings in and around Cross City.
  • The constant traffic along U.S. Highway 19.

The Pros:

  • The trailbed is in excellent shape.
  • The Suwannee River Bridge and surrounding area.


Nature Coast State Trail – Office of Greenways & Trails

Nature Coast State Trail – Florida State Parks

Old Town, Florida

Cross City, Florida

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