Nature Coast State Trail - Trenton Railroad Depot

Nature Coast State Trail – Fanning Springs to Trenton (Loop) – Fanning Springs, Trenton – Gilchrist County, Florida

Before You Go:

There is long stretches with no shade along this trail so wear sunscreen.  Sunglasses are always a necessity when traveling in Florida; also, a good pair of cycling gloves help cushion your palms.

Getting There:

This is the second of a three part review of the Nature Coast Trail.  This second section and the final installment will both start at the Fanning Springs Trailhead.  Travel either north of south on U.S. Highway 19. Head north on Florida Street. The trail head is on the east side of Florida Street.

Trail Length

17.7 Miles – From the Fanning Springs Trailhead out to the Trenton Trailhead and back.

The Trail

For more information on the trail itself or the communities of Fanning Springs and Trenton, check out the links and gallery pictures below.

If you missed the first post, click here for a link to Part I.

You will head north out of the Fanning Springs Trailhead.  Keep a lookout for the direction signs that will guide you toward Trenton.  Once you are heading due east, you will head arrow straight toward the town of Trenton. Of the three sections, this happened to be my favorite. Perhaps it was the rain shower I encountered or the picturesque town of Trenton. There are a few road crossings but traffic was mostly light. The only traffic is the constant whir of traffic along State Road 26 which parallels most of the ride into Trenton.

The day I rode into the Trenton Trailhead, it was a lively place. It seems to be a social gathering spot for the town.

If you have the time, a stop in the town of Trenton would be worth the time exploring.


  • There are facilities at the Fanning Springs Trailhead.
  • There are facilities at the Trenton Trailhead.

The Cons:

  • The straight trail may be monotonous to some.

The Pros:

  • The trailbed is in excellent shape.
  • Relatively light trail traffic. You won’t be fighting through any crowds.
  • The Trenton community. I found it to be very friendly


Nature Coast State Trail – Office of Greenways & Trails

Nature Coast State Trail – Florida State Parks

Trenton, Florida

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