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Skyway Trail – Maximo Park to North Skyway Fishing Pier, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida

Before You Go:

Except for the start of this trail at Maximo Park, there is no shade along this course.  Bring along sunglasses, sunscreen, a helmet and gloves.  And, during the rainy months, keep your eye to the sky since the weather can deteriorate rapidly.

Getting There:

Maximo Park is very near the trail and, currently, there is no charge to park.  It is located in southwestern St. Petersburg.  If you head south on Interstate 275, it is the last exit before you have to pay the toll.  Just follow the signs to the park entrance.

Trail Length

11.3 Miles – from Maximo Park all the way out to the North Skyway Fishing Pier and back.  If you ride around Maximo Park, it ends up just sky of 12 miles.

The Trail


  • There are facilities in Maximo Park.
  • There are facilities at the North Sunshine Skyway Rest Area (north of the North Skyway Fishing Pier).

The Cons:

  • There are really no cons for this ride but, to be picky – it is too short a ride!  Though, I’ve read that they’ve built an extension that I hope to ride this weekend (super excited) 🙂
  • As you head south along the trail, look for a stand of Australian Pines lining the trail.  The roots have grown under the trail and the ride is quite rough through this section.
  • The constant whir of traffic as you parallel Interstate 275/U.S. Highway 19.

The Pros:

  • Gorgeous views of Tampa Bay.
  • The bridges (I love bridges)!  The Grand Dame of bridges in Florida – the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  A jeweled neckless that spans the throat of Tampa Bay.
  • Diving Pelicans, Comorrants spreading their wings, heron and egrets fishing – the birds throughout this trail are abundant.

This is one of the most beautiful rides in all of Pinellas County.  Breath taking views, abundant wildlife and the nice little climb up and over the Dick Misener Bridge.  Awesome views of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge await the rider on the way south while you can see the distant St. Petersburg skyline on the return trip.


St. Petersburg Bicycle Map

An excellent, albeit, short ride in southern St. Petersburg!

Happy Trails ~ John


13 thoughts on “Skyway Trail – Maximo Park to North Skyway Fishing Pier, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida”

  1. Where is the bike trailhead? I was a Maximo Park (rode the old internal park bike trail) but never saw a way to get on the Skyway Trail. Road just outside of Maximo Park dead ends into a Marina repair shop

    1. Hello Lynne,

      You need to go to the park entrance. As you leave the park and head east, you will pass underneath I-275. As soon as you pass I-275, the trail starts to your right and travels south along Skyway Lane. Just past the hotel on your right, you will cross Skyway Lane and follow parallel to I-275.

      I hope this information helps.

      Happy Trails ~ John

    2. Just look for the Magnuson Hotel outside the gate of Maximo park. The trail starts across the street from the hotel.

    1. No Doug. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge itself is part of the US Interstate Highway system and is considered a limited access highway.

      Happy trails ~ John

  2. Great review and excellent pictures. I use this trail all the time (well since I bought a condo near by last April 2013). You did an excellent job. One thing for readers. You can get shade by any of many trees at the waters edge. Can sit and enjoy a soda and watch the fish. Also, at the end when you arrive at the rest area. The picnic tables are covered so you can sit and relax in the shade there too. Restrooms are very clean and they have snack and soda vending machines here as well!

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