Ream Wilson Trail – Kapok Park Extension, Clearwater – Pinellas County, Florida

Before You Go:

The trail is a mix of shaded and open space but is relatively short.  If you make this a part of the longer Ream Wilson Trail ride from Long Center to Philippe Park, then you will need sunscreen, sunglasses and the usual helmet and cycling gloves.

Getting There:

The easiest way to get to the Kapok Park Extension is to access it off the Ream Wilson Trail. If that is your plan, here is the link to my Ream Wilson Trail Recap (look for the “Getting There” section).

If you just want to explore this area, the easiest access to the trail is the Glen Oak Avenue Trailhead. From the south, head north on McMullen Booth Road (County Road 611). Turn west onto Terrace View Lane. Terrace View Lane ends at Moss Avenue. Turn north onto Moss Avenue which, in turn, ends at Glen Oak Avenue. Turn west onto Glen Oak Avenue. The street dead ends at the trailhead. Use the map below to zoom in and out to get your bearings.)

Trail Length

1.92 Miles – From the Glen Oak Avenue trailhead out to Stephens Park to the crossing at the main Ream Wilson Trail and back to the Glen Oak Avenue trailhead.

The Trail


  • There were no facilities

The Cons:

  • Nothing of note. The shortness of the trail but that can be remedied by adding this short ride as a sidetrip off the longer main trail (link noted above)

The Pros:

  • The scenery.
  • The wildlife.

As stated elsewhere, this is a small side trip off the main Ream Wilson Trail. It is worth the stop to take in the beautiful surroundings of this lovely preserved area. From what I’ve read, this used to be home to a mobile home park but the city of Clearwater redeveloped the area as a flood control project. Well done!


Ream Wilson Trail Map – Eastern Section
Kapok Park – City of Clearwater

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Happy Trails ~ John