Pinellas Trail – Mile Marker 7 to 17.5 – St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, Pinellas County, Florida

Before You Go:

I always advocate a good pair of biking gloves and a helmet whenever venturing out on your bicycle. As always, in Florida, it is a good idea to wear sunscreen.

Getting There:

This trek begins at the intersection of Tyrone Boulevard/Bay Pines Boulevard and Park Street North. The best place to park is the southwest corner of the Target parking lot (north side of Bay Pines Boulevard).

Trail Length

21.4 Miles from Mile Marker 7 to the Belleview Biltmore sign at the intersection of Belleview Boulevard (County Road 233) and Clearwater largo Road North and back.

The Trail


  • Target has restrooms and water at the start of this trek.
  • The KOA Campground at 95th Street North has an area, near the entrance, that caters to cyclists.
  • Seminole City Park has restrooms, picnic pavillions and water.
  • Taylor Park, at 8th Avenue SW has picnic pavillions, restrooms and water.
  • The McDonalds, at the West Bay Drive Overpass seem to be accommodating were cyclists are concerned.

The Cons:

  • Like the trek to downtown St. Petersburg, there are many street crossings since this is a trail running through the most densely populated county in Florida.
  • If you don’t like the extra exertion, the 5 overpasses in this section can become tedious.

The Pros:

  • Relatively flat course. The only climbs are the overpasses across major thoroughfares.
  • If you like the climbs, the 5 overpasses in this section of the trail.
  • The bridge across Long Bayou that runs parallel to Bay Pines Boulevard just west of the Target.

Except for the Long Bayou bridge, the Seminole City Park and Taylor Park, there isn’t a lot of scenery to stop and enjoy along the way.  The scenery, for the most part, is made up of back yards, fences and the occassional bit of green space.  For those wanting a steady cadence, this section will disappoint since there are 17 roads crossings.

Take extra caution at the County Road 296 (102nd Avenue North) crossing.  It has a traffic control device and I would recommend waiting for the green light.  Also, the crossing of Walsingham Road should be taken with care since this is a very busy road with no option for cross traffic to stop.  Finally, the Rosery Road NW crossing should be taken with care also – very busy.

All in all, a fine trail for the casual cyclist.

Happy Trails ~ John