Withlacoochee State Trail - Hernando Sunrise

Withlacoochee State Trail – Hernando, Inverness, Floral City – Citrus County, Florida

Before You Go:

This is part 2 of a four part coverage of the Withlacoochee State Trail. Click here for Part 1 of the series.

Always remember to be aware of your surroundings. In some instances, you will be traveling through rural areas. A cell phone is always recommended.
Observe wildlife but please respect their environment and their freedom to live unmolested.

Getting There:

From Interstate 75 heading either north of south, take Exit 301 (Cortez Boulevard aka Highway 50) west. Keep west on Highway 98 (Highway 50) toward Brooksville. Make a right onto Highway 41 and north toward Floral City and Hernando. Make a left onto Highway 486 (E. Norvell Bryant Highway). Shortly after making the turn onto Highway 486, look for N. Railroad Way on your right, there is parking adjacent to E. Norvell Bryant Highway. There is additional parking one block north on E. Railroad Way.

Trail Length:

This loop is 25 miles. This loop starts at the Hernando Trailhead and heads south through Inverness and continues on to the Floral City Trailhead and returning to the starting point at the Hernando Trailhead.

The Trail:

The trail bed is in relatively good shape. For the most part, the trail is flat with an occasional rise but nothing that should prove too taxing.

There is quite a bit of shade along the route but there are also open areas (especially around Inverness). I saw quite a lot of birds – practically every mile or two, there were numerous sightings of Cardinals along the trail. Also a lot of blue jays, black birds, and rabbits.


  • There are facilities at the Hernando Trailhead.
  • There are facilities at the Inverness Trailhead.
  • There are facilities at the Wallace Brooks Park.
  • There are facilities at the Floral City Trailhead.

The Cons:

  • I can’t really think of a single con to this section of the trail

The Pros:

  • Almost the entire 25 miles is tree lined.
  • Lots of birds (singing).
  • Relatively flat course.
  • All the riders I encountered were very friendly.
  • The section through Inverness is gorgeous.
  • Floral City seems to have really embraced and adopted the section of the trail that runs through their town.


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