Flatwoods Park Trail – New Tampa – Hillsborough County, Florida

Before You Go:

There is a mix of sun and shade along this trail.  If you just do a single loop and are riding in the early morning and early evening, you should be fine without sunscreen.  During the rainy summer months, insect repellant is strongly recommended.  Just stopping to snap some pictures and I was swarmed by mosquitoes.  Also, there is a fee to use the park.  It is on the honor system and the fee is currently $2.00.  Bring cash (or a pen to write an IOU *smile*).

Getting There:

From either north or south on Interstate 75, take exit 270, Bruce B Downs Boulevard.  The trailhead will be about a mile east on the south side of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.

Note:  I am trying a new plugin for generating my GPX files.  Hope you like it better than the previous plugin.

Trail Length

14.2 Miles – From the Bruce B. Downs Trailhead out to the Morris Bridge Road entrance and back to Bruce B. Downs Trailhead.  It also includes the short spur to the east when returning for Morris Bridge Road just before the pylons prohibiting motorized traffic.

The Trail

The trail bed is in excellent shape.  During the rainy season, the dip in the trail near the Hillsborough River can be flooded.  There is a bridge cut around that you can use.  Please be courteous since the bridge is narrow and there isn’t enough for cycling across the bridge.  It would be safer for all involved if you walk your bike if using the cut around.


  • There are facilities at the Bruce B. Downs trailhead.
  • There are facilities at the Main Entrance at Morris Bridge Road
  • There are several spots along the trail with fresh water and they seem to keep the water stocked throughout the day.

The Cons:

  • There are a lot of casual bikers and joggers throughout the park.  Some of them don’t seem aware of approaching cyclists.
  • The trail is a little on the short side.
  • If you have never been to the trail, and since a lot of people don’t carry cash any more, the $2.00 fee can be a problem.  There doesn’t seem to be an alternative payment option.

The Pros:

  • The trail bed is in excellent shape.
  • Nice pine uplands and scrub habitat
  • In the rainy season, Trout Creek flowing across the trail bed.


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Happy Trails ~ John