Little Econ Greenway - Bridge

Little Econ Greenway Trail, Orlando, Orange County, Florida

Before You Go:

This is a relatively short trail so, depending upon the time of day your are biking, you can probably get by without sunscreen and sunglasses. If you plan on stopping for any length of time, insect repellent is recommended.

Getting There:

From Interstate 4, either east or west, take the Highway 50 Exit (Colonial Drive). Head East on Highway 50. Just past Goldenrod Road, look to your left and you will see the entrance to the Trailhead for the Little Econ Greenway. There is also a sign to the right directing you to the left turn lane for the trailhead.

Trail Length:

This loop is 15 miles. From the Goldenrod Trailhead east toward the trail end at Alafaya Trail and then west to the trail end at Forsyth Road.

The Trail:

While this trail is relatively short, what it lacks in length it more than makes up for in beauty. This trail is a beautiful emerald jewel nestled near downtown Orlando. Except for a climb up to the turnaround at Alafaya Trail, the trail is relatively flat and there are minimal road crossings.

All in all, it is a lovely trail that I will certainly return to.

I did read that the trail will eventually connect with the Cross Seminole Trail at some point. Any reader of the blog from Orlando, feel free to leave a comment if these plans come to fruition.


  • Arcadia Acres Park
  • Econ Soccer Complex
  • Jay Blanchard Park

The Cons:

  • Because it is such a beautiful trail, the length is too short.
  • The part from the Trailhead off Highway 50 west to Forsyth Road isn’t quite a beautiful as the rest of the trail.

The Pros:

  • The trail design. Lots of curves and turns
  • The bridges
  • The waterway
  • The rich wildlife along the trail and in the waters.


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