North Bay Trail - Yacht Basin

North Bay Trail including Weedon Island, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida

Before You Go:

This trail is a mix of paved trail and on-road. Be aware, you will be sharing your ride space with other vehicular traffic during this route. I believe the trail will eventually be extended past its current end at Macoma Drive NE & 83rd Avenue NE. From that point, exercise caution; there is very little shoulder and it is a narrow two lane road once you approach the bridge near Riviera Bay.

As seems to be the case with many of the trails in St. Petersburg, there isn’t much shade along this trail.

A pair of shades, some cycling gloves are needed. If you are biking during the heat of the day, sunscreen is recommended as well as water.

Getting There:

As I recommended in the Island Loop Bike Route post, your best bet for finding Demens Landing is to zoom in on the map below to find Demens Landing in downtown St. Petersburg. Zooming out will give you a bigger picture on how to arrive in downtown St. Petersburg.

Trail Length:

This loop is 19 miles. From Demens Landing head East along the St. Petersburg Waterfront.

The Trail:

The trail is bookended by beautiful downtown St. Petersburg and Weedon Island. There is quite a bit to do at both ends of the trail. The St. Petersburg Yacht Club, The Vinoy Hotel and the St. Petersburg Pier (currently closed) all line the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront. Weedon Island offers kayak rentals, boardwalks and a Cultural History center.

The paved trail portion of the ride is flat. The portion around downtown St. Petersburg is very popular but the walkers and joggers thin out once you head north on 1st Street NE. 1st Street NE will dead-end at a canal. There is a bridge over the canal and the trail continues to the east.


  • The North Shore Pool has facilities.
  • There are facilities in Demens Landing Park
  • There are facilities at the Weedon Island fishing pier

The Cons:

  • The bridge crossing over Riviera Bay is too narrow. Actually, the entire approach to the bridge from either direction is too narrow.
  • Some additional directional signs directing to Weedon Island would be helpful.

The Pros:

  • Weedon Island
  • Downtown St. Petersburg.
  • The Vinoy Hotel
  • Riviera Bay


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