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Pine Island Bike Path – Bokeelia, Flamingo Bay, St. James City – Lee County, Florida

Before You Go:

There is lots of sun and very little shade along this course. Sunglasses and sunscreen are definitely recommended. There are no bathroom facilities or water fountains along the trail so 1) plan well and 2) port in water and any snacks.

Getting There:

From Interstate 75 South or North, take the Highway 78 (Bayshore Road) west. Bayshore road will become SW Pine Island Road which, in turn, will become Pine Island Road Northwest. There are no designated trailheads for this route. I chose to park at an Phillips Park. It is just west of the Fire Station on the right hand side.

Trail Length:

This loop is 28 miles. From Phillips Park, south to St. James City and then north to Bokeelia. Turning south to return to Phillips Park.

The Trail:

The trail south of Flamingo Bay is a bit on the bumpy side. It seems there is an issue with the expansion joints. The landscape can get monotonous. The trail is relatively flat and is, pretty much, arrow straight.

Traveling south from Highway 78, you will be on the east side of H. Stringfellow Road. Once you get north of Highway 78, you will switch over to run parallel to H. Stringfellow Road.

The trail ends near the north end of Stringfellow and Barrancas Road.


  • There are no facilities along this trail.
  • There are facilities at Phillips Park.

The Cons:

  • Some parts of the southern portion need to be replaced as it is pretty rough.
  • The straight nature of the trail can get monotonous.

The Pros:

  • St. James City
  • The tree farms
  • Bokeelia


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One thought on “Pine Island Bike Path – Bokeelia, Flamingo Bay, St. James City – Lee County, Florida”

  1. Hi thanks for this pine island bike trail. Info. One ? Can you come in from Matlache and just go north to Bokeelia and then back?

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